charles is the one who can serve you in every way. he is very happy to be the life of the party, or assist you as a small laptop table at home. whatever you want to do, charles will be there. take a look and see how charles can serve you.

Ps: charles loves to have a drink with you.


the middle one.

choose the frame colour:

choose the top:

charles has a steel frame with a

high quality lacquer in black or white.

Its tabletop can be BLACK, WHITE or birch plywood.




contact us for prices and more information.

'charles' butlers

can be combined with his brother alfred

how can charles serve you


- can be combined with his brother charles in a set

- is stackable

- can be put up in fun configurations

- alfred can offer you a solid oak tabletop

- loves to receive email, contact him for all your questions:

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